About Mary S. Black

Hi!  I’m currently writing a historical novel  about people who liv
mary peached in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, on the Rio Grand in what is today Texas, about 2800 years before present.  They left significant rock art on the canyon walls and many cast-away or forgotten things like baskets and stone tools, which lead us all to wonder about an unknown world.

Next will come three Jake Quinby mysteries based on the historical novel.  Jake is an archeologist who stumbles among the evidence of ancient people, and gets mixed up in plenty of today’s mischief along the border.  Like drug smugglers and of course, murder. Well, the drugs were there in the very beginning, as the books will reveal.

The first book will be out in about a year, so please, stay tuned!

I’ve been  writing since the sixth grade when I fell in love with newspapers.  In fact my first real job was as a reporter.  Since then I’ve followed life’s trail  as a teacher, university professor, and all round hack in public education.  I’ve been making annual visits to the Lower Pecos for over 20 years, visiting as many painted rock shelters as I possibly could. I think it’s time somebody wrote this book.   So I’m giving it a shot.


15 thoughts on “About Mary S. Black

  1. I read your blog about your hike in the Pecos area. Very impressive for not only your writing ability but your ability to take such a hike in such rough country. I will look forward to your first book. I know it will be good.
    Linda Martin

  2. I will stay tuned because your travels are taking me to places I haven’t thought of going to. I look forward to your book because I know it will be great!


  3. I Love that part of the state as well as the Big Bend. We are planning another trip out that way in Early spring. Looking forward to the novel.

  4. Hello Mary, Nice to meet you and to thank you for reading about Peking Man. I too love cave art but alas have never had the opportunity to see any for real Good luck with your book !sounds great.

    • Many thanks, Nino! This week I have been on the Texas-Mexican border cooking for a crew of 14 who spend the day on an archaeological project in the nearby canyon. It’s a lot of cooking for me, but I’m sure it would be a snap for you! Cheers, Mary Black

      • You’re welcome, Mary! It would be a nice experience for me to see how archaeological project is done, but I can only dream about it.
        All the best, Nino

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