Shumla at the South Pole

Therese Frentz and Wendy

Therese Frentz and Wendy

Today I want to tell you about our fantastic cook during the Pecos Experience with the Shumla School,  Therese Frentz. Not only does she make incredible cheddar cheese biscuits, she is an exceptionally strong person. Therese was severely wounded by a suicide bomber during a tour in Iraq with the U.S. military in 2004.

While we were attending the Pecos Experience workshop, she was notified that she had been selected to join an elite team of veterans from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States on a 200 mile  cross-country skiing expedition to the South Pole in November-December 2013. And I was whining about hiking eight miles. It is both humbling and inspiring to meet people like Therese who rise above the ordinary conditions of  life.

The expedition is organized by Walking with the Wounded, the organization in the UK of which Prince Harry is the patron. To learn more and make a donation to help sponsor awareness of veterans’ issues, see

Therese recently spent time training for the trip in Iceland, which you can read about online. She is married and has a teddy-bear of a dog named Wendy. Go Therese!  We will be cheering you on every step!


3 thoughts on “Shumla at the South Pole

  1. Wow, Mary! Thanks for the support and getting the word out about the event! People like you will help it to reach more and more people.


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